Market Overview 24-09-2022

$BTC VIP Analysis
September 24, 2022
Mid-Term: Neutral
Short-Term: Neutral
We saw a small move up by BTC and most high market cap alts right before our daily close, however, volume has not been enough yet for a solid mid term confirmation taking us to either new mid term highs or mid term lows.

We could see this short term range extend for a few more days before a definite breakout, however, weekend chop will likely push us towards a breaking point, potentially around our weekly close, when we’re expecting to see more of a violent price action on our higher market cap alts.

Up Probability: 47% – Down: 53%



$16,928- $21,114

Took out the low and now trying to recover back above the support🧐

Bull if does so📈

#BNB/USDT formed a falling wedge on 12h timeframe and currently testing the top of the one👀

Send it if we break out📈

Diamond on #total 🧐

BNB is testing the top of bullish pennant🧐

Up we go if breakout occurs📈

#BTC_Update 2H
BTC Next Expected Move🔥

#Bitcoin update Continuous

🔶Bitcoin forming a symmetrical triangle pattern and price got rejection from the upper trendline of the pattern where 50-M.A also lying.

🔶Bitcoin need to give Candle closing above this pattern with appropriate Volume in order to gain Bullish momentum. Otherwise it will continue to move down and breakdown the pattern.

🔶If the bulls have to defend BTC at the current price level, then buyers have to come through. The current support zone for the coin is $18,500-$18,000.

#BTC_Update 1D

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