Market Overview 21-09-2022

#BTC_Update 1D
As us FOMC experts would know, today is a big day!

100bps likely nukes support for good?
50bps likely pumps and gives bulls some breathing room?

Going to be a very interesting daily close


#ATOMusdt 1D
Getting closer but support is support until its not.

Not rushing the entry. Being patient and waiting for the trade to unfold.

I’m confident that it will come at some point soon once all the FA news is old news.

📊 Dollar Index (#DXY) hits new 20yr all time high before today’s FOMC Meeting.

#BTC_Update 4H
BULLS are still expected to show up today maybe after FOMC.

You will still see the MEGA WEDGE everywhere but we’ll try to get IN before if this scenario were to play out.

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