Market Overview 20-09-2022


Price filled 50% of the imbalance and bounced from there. MACD is showing bearish weakness, RSI is sold and EMAs are bearish. I expect price to reach the 2h breaker at $1,440 before potentially moving down again.


Price is currently getting rejected from the resistance area at 19.6k as expected. MACD is not clear, RSI js sold and EMAs are bearish. I don’t expect this resistance to hold as price should move up and fill the imbalance around 21.6k.

#BTC_Update 1H
You need to reclaim 20k region / Right above my wave B

If it’s the case, I’m confident that we’ll get ready for a BREAKOUT

#BTC_Update 1H
Can we start this BULL PARTY?

#BTC_Update 3D
BTC is very close to a BREAKOUT of this mega Falling Wedge, hence this scenario is taking more space than the others

Unless fundamentals get REALLY worse, I don’t see the 2 other cases taking place.

#BTC_Update 1D
A recovery to the 38.2% from ATH at 37k
Indeed, this remains the most likely case following the traditional markets and macroeconomics.

#BTC_Update 1H
Shorter Timeframe Analysis

I believe that we are going to be seeing 21-22K first before 15-16K. I found a possible flat scenario as an alternative; however, I found that the B and C wave are highly off due to the questionable 168%+ B wave and C wave being too strong.

#BNBusdt 4h

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