Frequently Asked Questions Mirrortrade

In each position, we will eventually involve 10% of your capital that you have invested in the futures section of the exchange. The loss limit on this amount will eventually be 5%. And also to be sure that we will receive the profit, after passing the first target, the stop point will be at our entry point.

In some cases exchanges do not act on very sharp fluctuations, which is not related to robots and its part of exchange games, but we were able to minimize this risk with the system of capital management and Specified amount of profit and loss.

After starting the robot, you have to enter your codes in the API section and also pay 100 USDT of joining fee. If you have entered both correctly and the signals still do not run on your account, you can get intouvh with the 24-hour support section to raise the issue

At the moment, one or two signals are executed daily, but if the market trends and conditions are normal and far from extreme fluctuations, up to 5 signals will be executed daily, in which 50% of your capital will be traded per day.

In order for the robot to work properly, the system is designed  with minimum 1000 USDT in your exchange to receive the declared correct profit, and there is no limit on the maximum investment of the robot, but we do not recommend entering more than 500,000 USDT.

The robot only has access to the trading part of your exchange futures and does not have access to withdraw or deposit money to the exchange, the robot only trades and has no other access.

We do not enter a person in the system without a special code, the private codes are only with the ambassadors. Every ambassadors have their own unique code, you can get this code from the person who introduced you the mirror trade ,or contact the Telegram ID support in Telegram to they will send the code to you


This is the rule of the mirror trade system, and with this we have guaranteed that you will always be in profit, and the more profit we make, the higher our income will be. This charging model will make our team redouble its efforts. Make more profit on your account and this style will benefit both you and us