Rest and chill, let the Mirrortrade Makes money for you

It is a strategy that allows investors to copy the trades of experienced and successful Crypto investors

Experience stress-free trading

How MirrorTrade works

Set up an investment budget and create a futures account at an exchange. Then, since Mirror Trade works automatically, take a break and let your account be traded by Mirror Trade. Take a break and monitor the Mirror Trade process

Mirror Trade function

  • The archive of all executed signals is stored on your account
  • Your profit and loss archive will be saved
  • All trends, signals and signals are visible to you
  • All your principal amounts and your original money to
  • invest with you and in your exchange and the robot is not allowed to withdraw, change or deposit
  • The profitability of the robot on your entire portfolio is between 10 and 45%
  • Capital management on accounts is such that in each transaction 10% of your account is entered and the loss limit on each transaction is 7%

Summary of Mirror Trade function

Mirror trading robot means you will trade with us without having technical information and without having to spend time, without doing anything. Mirrortrid means hassle-free profit, you do not need to buy anything and you do not need to sell anything, just connect and get profit. The robot is fully automatic and you just need to be a member of the @MirrorTrader_bot bot and after preparing the account recharge, click on the training option to be sent the training steps, be sure to watch the training video so that you do not make a mistake.

Join the thousands of MirrorTrade members who are making a profit and trusting!

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